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Chevrolet Equinox 2010 K&N Filter Replacement Air Filters

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Type: Air Filters Accessories
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Chevrolet Equinox 2010 K&N Filter Replacement Air Filters Description

  • Air Filter
  • Panel
  • H-1.25 in.
  • L-11 in.
  • W-8.875 in.
  • Long Lasting Performance
  • Reusable/Washable
  • Million Mile Limited Warranty
  • No Cutting Or Fitting Required
  • Increases Horse Power And Acceleration
  • Custom Designed To Fit Factory AirBox

This Chevrolet Equinox 2010 K&N Filter Replacement Air Filters fits the following models:

YearsModelEngineLiterVehicle Style
2012EQUINOX LS L4 2.4  
2011EQUINOX LS L4 2.4  
2010EQUINOX LS L4 2.4  
2012EQUINOX LT L4 2.4  
2011EQUINOX LT L4 2.4  
2010EQUINOX LT L4 2.4  
2011-2012 EQUINOX LT V6 3.0  
2010EQUINOX LT V6 3.0  
2012EQUINOX LTZ L4 2.4  
2011EQUINOX LTZ L4 2.4  
2010EQUINOX LTZ L4 2.4  
2011-2012 EQUINOX LTZ V6 3.0  
2010EQUINOX LTZ V6 3.0  

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Chevrolet introduced the Equinox in 2004 as a replacement to the Chevy Tracker, their mini sports utility vehicle (SUV). Chevrolet built the Equinox as a mid-sized crossover SUV, or CUV. They intended this new vehicle to bridge the gap between the family-oriented passenger sedan and the full size SUV. This was an industry-wide effort and the Equinox was one of many similar vehicles entering the market at this time. The Equinox managed to stand apart from the others with its unique combination of safety, performance, and visual appeal. Read More about CHEVROLET EQUINOX accessories…