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Lincoln MKX 2007 - 2009 Hypertech Computer Chip Programmer

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Type: Performance Tuners Accessories
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Lincoln MKX 2007 - 2009 Hypertech Computer Chip Programmer Description

  • Max Energy Power Programmer(TM)
  • RPM Rev Limiter
  • Transmission Adjustments
  • Tire Size/Rear Gear Ratio Change
  • Back-To-Stock Tuning
  • Top-Speed Limiter
  • Cooling Fan On/Off Temperatures

This Lincoln MKX 2007 - 2009 Hypertech Computer Chip Programmer fits the following models:

YearsModelEngineLiterVehicle Style
2007-2009 MKX  V6 3.5  

When it comes to power tuning, Hypertech is a leader; in fact they invented it. Hypertech optimizes the 3 basic elements of ignition: Air, Fuel and Spark, to produce maximum performance. Hypertech Power Tuning maximizes engine performance by burning the air/fuel mixture as efficiently as possible, thereby extracting maximum power. Power Tuning replaces the stock calibrations in the onboard computers. These complex programs control important engine functions such as spark timing and fuel delivery. For complete control we recommend the Hyperpac a portable Dyno-tester that fits right in your vehicle cockpit. You have full control over everything from increasing horsepower to clearing stingy “check engine" lights. Hypertech also has a number of chip programmers that don’t require you to crawl under the hood to do something as simple as increasing horsepower. The Hypertech Power Programmer III will instantly recognize your vehicle by reading the vehicle identification number and properly optimizing it. If you want to take full advantage of all those parts under your hood check out one of our Hypertech performance products.

Henry M. Leland, master mechanic, businessman, and one of the original founders of Cadillac, also founded the Lincoln Motor Company in 1917 after he departed the Cadillac Division of General Motors during World War I. Originally created to build aircraft engines, the company factories were modified and production of luxury automobiles began in earnest. Financial and design struggles ultimately drove the company into bankruptcy and into the waiting arms of Henry Ford in 1922 and has essentially remained under the Ford umbrella since then. Despite the early struggles, Lincoln automobiles didn’t take long to rise up and compete at the top of the class with high standards for power, stylishness, and sophistication that still holds true today. Along the way, Lincoln has served as the Presidential Limousine many times – a testament to its stature among the very best. Automotive Concepts adds to that level of class with a plethora of Lincoln parts, Lincoln accessories, and other appurtenances for those looking to add just a bit more panache to their Lincoln car, truck, or SUV. Read More about LINCOLN accessories…

Lincoln introduced the MKX as a luxury edition mid-size crossover sport utility vehicle in the 2007 model year. It is the successor to the Lincoln Aviator and shares much in common with the Ford Edge. However, the luxury amenities set it apart from the Edge and all other crossovers on the market. It is also a significant departure from the previously popular crossovers, such as the Explorer-based Lincoln Aviator. Like the Edge, the MKX is built on the front-wheel drive CD3 platform and it has been designed from the ground up to cater to the luxury market first rather than the SUV market. The Lincoln MKX is an impressive vehicle for the car owner with refined taste. Here at Automotive Concepts we are excited to meet the needs of these discriminating consumers with the best Lincoln MKX parts and Lincoln MKX accessoriesRead More about LINCOLN MKX accessories…