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Toyota 4runner 1988 - 2007 Jet Performance Computer Chip

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Type: Performance Tuners Accessories
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Toyota 4runner 1988 - 2007 Jet Performance Computer Chip Description

  • Computer Upgrade Kit
  • Provides Power Increase All The Time
  • Improved Acceleration
  • Custom Program The Chip For Any Modifications
  • Provides Increase Horsepower

This Toyota 4runner 1988 - 2007 Jet Performance Computer Chip fits the following models:

YearsModelEngineLiterVehicle Style
19844RUNNER  L4 2.4  
19854RUNNER  L4 2.4  
1999-2000 4RUNNER  L4 2.7  
1996-1998 4RUNNER  L4 2.7  
2000-2002 4RUNNER  V6 3.4  
1998-1999 4RUNNER  V6 3.4  
2003-2004 4RUNNER  V6 4.0  
2003-2004 4RUNNER  V8 4.7  
1986-1989 4RUNNER DLX L4 2.4  
19894RUNNER DLX V6 3.0  
1996-1997 4RUNNER LIMITED V6 3.4  
2005-2011 4RUNNER LIMITED V6 4.0  
2005-2009 4RUNNER LIMITED V8 4.7  
2005-2009 4RUNNER SPORT V6 4.0  
2005-2009 4RUNNER SPORT V8 4.7  
1990-1995 4RUNNER SR5 L4 2.4  
1985-1989 4RUNNER SR5 L4 2.4  
1985-1988 4RUNNER SR5 L4 2.4  
20104RUNNER SR5 L4 2.7  
1988-1995 4RUNNER SR5 V6 3.0  
1996-1997 4RUNNER SR5 V6 3.4  
2005-2011 4RUNNER SR5 V6 4.0  
2005-2009 4RUNNER SR5 V8 4.7  
2010-2011 4RUNNER TRAIL V6 4.0  
2010-2011 4RUNNER TRAIL V6 4.0  

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There are number of JET products available at Automotive Concepts. If you have specific technical questions please contact JET for your vehicle application. The ability to increase horsepower, fuel economy and torque will vary from vehicle to vehicle

It was 1933 when Toyota started as a division of Toyoda Automatic Loom Works. The production of automobiles was the primary objective as directed by Kiichiro Toyoda, the founder’s son. In 1935, Toyota’s first passenger cars were produced, the A1 and G1. In 1937, Toyota became an independent company with it’s sole focus on the automobile market. Toyota Motor Company’s prominence and reputation grew steadily through the 1960s with the creation of their most popular model, the Toyota Corolla. Another benefactor of the oil crisis in the 1970s, smaller more fuel-efficient Japanese cars took the United States by storm and Toyota’s were no exception. Today, they are a giant in the worldwide automotive industry and Automotive Concepts is here to support all Toyota owners with a wealth of Toyota parts and Toyota accessories to make some of the greatest cars on the roads today – even better. Read More about TOYOTA accessories…

Toyota has been selling sports utility vehicles since long before it was popular to do so. They introduced the 4Runner to the world in 1984 as a compact SUV that was essentially a Toyota pickup with a fiberglass shell. The 4Runner has evolved substantially since that humble origin and is now a mid-size SUV although at the upper size limits of the mid-size classification. This latest edition, more than ever, exemplified what the 4Runner nameplate stands for. This 4-wheel drive off-road runner is great fun and a tremendous ride. It is easy to see why 4Runner owners get so excited and are so proud of their vehicles. Here at Automotive Concepts we share in that excitement by providing owners the best selection of Toyota 4Runner accessories and the highest quality Toyota 4Runner parts. Read More about TOYOTA 4RUNNER accessories…